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Webcam Security Tips

Over the last decade, technology has made several different advances. These advances have been with computers, thousands of other items, and webcams. The webcam has increased in popularity over the years. A webcam is a type of video camera that is able to provide images over a computer network in real-time. As far as home security is concerned, webcams provide added security for thousands of homes. When it comes to home security, a webcam can be used to help homeowners keep an eye on their property while they are away at work or on vacation. If you are a resident of New Mexico, be sure to check out some of the special New Mexico Home Security deals available at the moment.

When you are using your webcam for security purposes, there are several different programs that can help you get the most out of everything that your webcam has to offer. Using these programs will help protect your home and allow you to use several different features that the webcam obtains.

1. WebCam Monitor

This platform has a desktop monitoring software that supports webcams, as well as IP cameras. For homeowners who are not computer savvy, this particular platform could pose as a threat. Due to the complex interface, a beginner in this field may have a bit of difficulty using this platform.

2. Active WebCam

The Active WebCam is a platform that offers live recording and audio with streaming video for convenience purposes. A lot of homeowners are fond of this platform of security because it offers SMS and email notifications of all of the events, good or bad, that are taking place in your home. These events can be emailed or sent through SMS at certain time intervals for your convenience.

3. Ugolog

Ugolog is yet another platform that can be used for security purposes. This particular platform is another beneficial platform that can be used for security matters within your home. Ugolog is a platform that is a 100% monitoring system for your home. One perk of this security platform is that there is no software to download or advanced networking skills required to set up or use Ugolog. This means that you will not use the disk space that your computer has for this security system because it is browser-based.

4. ZoneMinder

This is a security program that uses Linux video camera featured security and surveillance. A lot of homeowners are fans of this security platform because it provides the ultimate surveillance solution. ZoneMinder allows you to capture, record and monitor all of the security cameras that you have attached with this platform. You will also receive analysis of the daily events that take place within your home.

5. EvoCam

EvoCam is the best security platform to use if you have a Mac. This platform allows you to view video and record it from your network cameras. You can also obtain the footage from video servers and create time-lapse movies.

These 5 security platforms can help you monitor your home and keep your family and valuables safe. Thousands of homeowners appreciate these platforms because they are provided with up-to-date logs of the events that have occurred in their home. These security platforms provide homeowners with piece of mind while they are home and when they are away from their home. It will be in your best interest to invest in a security platform that is similar to these platforms to ensure that your home remains safe.

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