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iPOD gift ideas: give the iPOD Nano from Apple

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The iPoD personal, portable storage system is a great gift idea. Models like the new miniature Nano are very popular, especially with young people. You can also buy accessory items like cases, covers, skins, tunes and battery packs. 

Excite your family and friends with the gift of an iPoD - here's a description of features from the Apple web site: "Time for the world's best music player to take the stage for another encore. In 30GB and 60GB models that hold up to 15,000 songs, full-color album art and up to 25,000 photos, the new iPod makes the most of your music and more. Yeah, you've heard that tune before. Only now, you can watch it, too. With support for up to 150 hours of video and a 2.5-inch color display, the new iPod lets you take music videos and TV shows on the road."

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